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If you mention the buffalo bills I immediately relate them to Blue and Red. Their official colors ae Royal Blue, Red, White, Navy Blue. The bills borrowed there initial look from a faraway town, Ralph Wilson who are still the owners today are from Detroit. On their first year they actually adopted the blue and silver of the Detroit lions. Perhaps he was influenced by a lot of Detroit but that went away pretty soon and the buffalo bills wanted to create their own image. And that leads us to the two simple colors; blue and white. Seen in the early 1960's. It is a pretty basic uniform Buffalo town is pretty much a working man’s town and this is a cheap simple uniform. It wasn't more like the AFL brother hood of the 1960's with the San Diego chargers in flashy colors. The bills were all business.

In the mid 1060's. The two gowned skin was soon brightened with a splash of red. And by adding red and becoming a red, white and blue team it became actually made a lot of sense. Buffalo considers themselves the all American city. In the 80's the bills adopted red helmets which contrasted with the white head gear of their division rivals. The widest receiver’s coaches watered the quarter back to be able to pick them out and the red helmet was a promoting factor.

In the early 90's the buffalo bills dominated the AFC going to four straight super bowls. Although they did not win, he team and its blue colored fans weathered the storm. There is something about their colors they look so comfortable in cold weather and It is expected to see them in snow storms, and even no later in years after they've jazzed up and jazzed down the Buffalo bills look have been a very distinctive look. Blue and Red, they are not just colors they are tenacity.

How to custom Buffalo bills Jerseys.
At your selected Buffalo bills outlet- Custom and select your size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and quantity. Personalization options are available for the product chosen including a player name & number or select your OWN name & number. Happy shopping and happy festivities.

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